Longarm Quilt Preparation

Gingerbread Crafts

We advise you to follow these guidelines in order to gain the best from your longarm service:

  • Quilt tops should be pressed flat and all seams following your final chosen direction.  Please try to avoid any particularly bulky seams.
  • All loose threads must be trimmed - they can show up once the quilting is finished
  • Quilt tops and backing must be squared and any pieced backing must have open pressed seams.  Your backing should be the same fabric as your top - sheeting or polyester backing will affect the finish quality of your quilt
  • All backing and wadding must be at least 5 inches wider than the quilt top in all directions
  • Please do not attach any embeslishments, eg buttons etc before quilting, these of course can be added after, but our machine will not be able to avoid them and can damage both the machine and the quilt
  • Do not baste your layers - our machine needs all the layers loaded separately